Farmers Blame High Produce Costs On Supermarkets, Supermarkets Blame Inflation & I’m Confused

Aussies are feeling the pinch as fruit and veg costs continue to rise across the country. According to, Consumer Network One Big Switch revealed some groceries at Coles and Woolies have risen in price by 94%.

But farmers are saying they’re not the ones hiking up the cost. 

“People are paying more for their fruit and veggies…but the farmers aren’t selling them for more, so who’s really raising the prices here?” said NSW Farmers Horticulture Committee chairperson Guy Gaeta said as per the ABC

“They’re ripping off the farmer and they’re ripping off the consumer.”

NSW Farmers president James Jackson told the publication the root of the issue was at “the ongoing failure of Australia’s competition laws.” 

The supermarket ‘duopoly’ in Australia presents Aussies with few options for their grocery shopping. According to the ABC, Coles and Woolworths control 66% of Australia’s grocery retail market. 

So what do the supermarkets say?

But some retailers are dodging the blame, saying that the price hike is due to “inflation”.

“For at least the next 12 months, we are expecting inflation to have an impact unfortunately, so we do need to brace ourselves for some price rises,” added Australia Retailers Association (ARA) chief industry affairs officer Fleur Brown.

She said supermarkets weren’t price gouging and actually have seen a dip in profits, not an increase.

“Woolworths reported a reduction in its profit margin in Australian food most recently from 5.7 per cent to 5.1 per cent.”

So what’s the truth? Why am I paying seven bucks for an iceberg lettuce?

There’s no definitive answers yet but advocates for farmers are supporting a review into product pricing.

“There certainly needs to be a review [to] make sure that the growers are actually … getting the money that they need to be able to continue to provide produce,” said Fruit Producers South Australia chief executive Jose Gil.