Fake News Saying BIG W Is Removing The Word ‘Christmas’ Is Causing Outrage

Political correctness continues to go MAD in this increasingly THOUGHT POLICED country, where a simple god-fearing man will soon be put to death for simply uttering the word CHRISTMAS!

Yeah, nah.

Several BIG W shoppers have voiced outrage over the past 24 hours after a handful of media outlets reported that the retail chain was removing the word “Christmas” from their festive tree range, inspiring the kind of rage-filled keyboard mashing so enjoyed by those quick to complain about supposed slights from “PC culture”.

Two of the articles in question published on major Australian news websites that went down this fraudulent path, have since been deleted, but a quick look at BIG W’s social pages proves the damage has been done.

Dishearteningly, but not surprisingly, a lot of comments posted to social media include subtle if not fully-fledged xenophobic and racist overtones, conflating the notion of removing the word “Christmas” from their trees with some kind of kowtowing to a mysterious fundamental Islam influence that supposedly continues to infiltrate our country and threaten our very existence.

Except, of course, this is all one big huge beat-up over nothing as a quick Google or search on BIG W’s own site, reveals a plethora of trees and other paraphernalia absolutely covered in the word “Christmas”.


It looks like a very, very small amount of trees (P.TV has literally seen only three image examples of trees named “Black Forest” & “Grand Pine” etc.) are available at BIG W without the word “Christmas” on the branding, meaning this is another example of fake news wilfully spread by those who could benefit from the convected outrage.

Woolworths, parent company of BIG W, has also reassured customers they have no plans on removing Christmas phrasing ahead of the holiday season:

Remember mates, Google is always there for a quick checksie before you unload your ill-founded hatred online.