Facebook’s Rolling Out Snapchat-Style Selfie Filters For FB Live Video

At the 2016 VidCon conference in Anaheim, Facebook announced they’d be updating the Facebook Live function. 
So, given how new it is to all users of the platform (it launched last August, but only for celebrities), how are Facebook planning to differentiate themselves from their video competitors like Vine, Periscope – even Snapchat?
Well, their answer is: they’re choosing to not really be different at all. One of their big changes is to install pretty much the exact same concept as Snapchat‘s facial-recognition filters into Facebook Live
This is due to their purchase of facial recognition company MSQRD – so MSQRD users can use it straight from the app to broadcast, and change ‘masks’ while live. Right now it sounds pretty separated – fingers crossed over time an integration roll out will happen.  
The second update is that you’ll soon be able to do a live broadcast with another person. So, according to Facebook, it’ll enable companies to broadcast ‘interviews, debates, duets and collaborations.’ It’ll be available to Verified pages first, but it’ll be rolled out to everyone sometime after that. 
The last update is that users will be able to schedule live videos – so viewers will be able to get notified when the video begins, or users to join a ‘lobby’ while waiting for the broadcast to start. Same as the double broadcast update, it’ll be available to Verified pages first. 
Source: Variety.
Photo: Facebook via Variety