Facebook Made You A Sentimental Slideshow Celebrating Their 10th Birthday

With a sentiment slightly more elaborate in its execution but no different from the perfunctory ‘HB FB bbs x’ scrawled on your Wall, Facebook has overnight gifted unto its users a nostalgic slideshow tool commemorating ten years of the social network called ‘A Look Back‘.

Clicking on the network’s A Look Back page will initiate a sentimental retrospective of the hours and years of your life you’ve wiled away in that well-lit but nonetheless dark corner of the Internet. All those teen photos, sxc profile pictures, your most Liked posts with all the witty repartee and topical discussion has been assembled into a slideshow and set to a stirring orchestral score. You’re also able to share it in your Timeline, if that’s your kind of thing.

The most successful kid in your IT class, Mark Zuckerberg also published a thank you note to users last night. In it, he writes about eating pizza and being #soblessed. You can read that here
It’s moving stuff, perhaps better suited to your funeral, but still. Thx 4 the mmrs, u guise. X