F-Yeah: 7 Aussie Businesses That Absolutely Smashed It In The Past 12 Months

Okay so, we know Aussies are the best. Not only have we been killing it in the music and arts scene, Australians are notorious for being excellent business innovators, and at PEDESTRIAN.TV we wanted to shine some light on businesses who have been 10/10 killing it on a global scale. Get inspired, folks. 
Here is a list of 7 Australian companies who are soaring ATM:
1. Menulog

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Founded in Sydney in 2006 by entrepreneurs Leon Kamenev, Dan Katz and Kevin Sherman, Menulog is Australia’s largest online food ordering and delivery company and last May was bought by international online food ordering service Just Eat for (get ready for it) $855 million. Amaze.
2. Vino Mofo

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Adelaide-based brothers-in-Law Justin Dry and Andre Eikmeier started their business Vinomofo by selling wine out of their garage in 2011. Now, the online wine club currently has more than 400,000 members and makes over $50 million in revenue. Raise ya glass. 

3. Stab Magazine

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Originating in Sydney, Stab Magazine is now the world’s leading online surf publishing and content provider and was bought by Australia’s largest online fashion retailer, SurfStitch, last May in a combined deal with surf-forecasting site Magicseaweed for a total amount of $13.8 million. 

4. Flatmates.com.au 

Flatmates.com.au, founded in Perth in 1990, has grown to be Australia’s largest share accommodation website and was bought by REA (owner of Realestate.com.au) in April last month for $25 million. 

5. Swisse Vitamins

Swisse was founded by Australian entrepreneur Kevin Ring after a trip to Switzerland inspired him to launch his own range of vitamins. In September 2015, Swisse was bought by Hong Kong company Biostime for 1.67 billion dollareedoos. Wowza.

6. Canva

Launched by Perth-based entrepreneur Melanie Perkins whilst at university in Western Australia in 2007, graphic design start-up Canva is now valued at $233 million Australian dollars. Big name investors include actors Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson, the latter of whom called the company a “game changer“.
7. Frank Body

Melbourne-based start-up Frank Body grew to 350,000 Instagram followers in 12 months. They’re now at 683K followers and their incredible social media marketing and business skills have led them to rake in an estimated $20 million in sales per year. 

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