Ezra Miller Appears To Choke A Fan And Drag Her To The Ground In Disturbing Footage

Fantastic Beasts actor Ezra Miller appears to have grabbed a fan by the throat and pushed her to the ground in Rejkjavik, Iceland.

Footage of the incident, which has drawn intense commentary on Twitter, shows a young woman approach a man in a red coat.

The man then extends his arm and puts his hand around her neck.

“Do you want to fight, is that what you want to do?” the man can be heard saying.

He then drags the woman to the floor.

“Whoa, bro, bro, bro,” another man says, shortly before the video cuts out.

Social media users have questioned the legitimacy of the video, and speculated the incident may have been part of a joke.

However, a source at Reykjavik’s Prikið Kaffihús bar told Variety the footage shows Miller in a genuine altercation with a fan.

The source said that Miller was approached by a group of enthusiastic fans shortly before the video, and that he was escorted off the property soon afterwards.

Variety reports that police weren’t called to the scene.

BuzzFeed News states the social media user who originally posted the footage has deleted their post, but the video has been widely re-shared elsewhere.

Miller has not publicly commented on the footage. Variety says it has reached out to Miller’s representatives, who are yet to return comment.