Explosive Washington Post Report Says Putin Directly Influenced US Election

An explosive report by the Washington Post is claiming that Russian president Vladimir Putin directly interfered in the 2016 United States election. 
Journalists Greg Miller, Ellen Nakashima and Adam Entous write that a memo from the CIA to Barack Obama in August last year is reported to have said that Putin specifically ordered the cyberattacks on Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign in order to help elect her opponent, Donald Trump
The result was the ongoing email leaks from Clinton’s campaign, which were seen by many as the cause of her crushing loss. 
The Obama administration treated the potential Russian hacking with as much secrecy as they did the Osama bin Laden raids, and responded to the memo by kicking a bunch of Russian diplomats out of the country. 
Meanwhile, Trump has marked his first six months in office with repeated claims that there was no interference from Russia in the election, using the Democrats‘ concerns to mock them:

This morning, however, he confirmed Russia’s meddling with this tweet:

While the Washington Post has not accused Trump or his campaign or administration from working with Putin and the Russians to destabilise the democratic process, we will be watching this story as it unfolds very, very carefully. 
Source: 9NEWS / Washington Post.
Image: Sean Gallup / Getty.