Elon Musk Is Expected To Be The World’s First Trillionaire By 2024 While I’m Living Off Tuna

elon musk trillionaire

Well fuck my life and fuck my dismal bank account because Elon Musk is expected to be a trillionaire by 2024 and I’ve been eating tuna from the can all week.

I’ll level with you. I had to google how many zeros a trillionaire has. It’s a million million. It’s 12 zeros. That’s too many zeros for one person to have, but according to a new study from Approve, Musk’s expected to have them all by 2024.

“Since 2017, Musk’s fortune has shown an annual average increase of 129%, which could potentially see him enter the trillion-dollar club in just two short years, achieving a net worth of $1.38 trillion by 2024 at age 52,” the report reads. It also touched on which of his many projects make the most coin (spoiler: it’s SpaceX which is currently valued at $100 billion USD, although his 25% stake in Tesla definitely helps).

According to Forbes, Musk’s real-time net worth is $215.6 billion. This will probably change by the time this article is published and I hate my life.

Techheads Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are also not far behind Musk on his way to trillionaire status. Interestingly, Approve had previously stated, “It was Bezos, not Musk, who a few years ago was expected to become the world’s first trillionaire, and who now isn’t expected to join the club until 2030, some six years after Musk.”

I don’t know if you know this, but Bezos vouches for eight hours of sleep a night whereas Musk claims he only needs six. Less sleep = less tuna and more zeros, apparently.

Excuse me while I set an alarm I will sleep through.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can follow her on IG here.