This Hotel Lets Elephants Stomp Through The Lobby To Munch On Mangoes

If there’s one thing that you need to know about wild elephants, it’s that they love routine. They will do the same thing at the same time every year, and nothing in their path will ever stop them from doing the thing.

In Zambia, the elephants go bloody boonta for wild mangoes, and when the trees are producing ripe fruit between late October and December, the herds will use their favourite emigrational path to make their way over for a cheeky sweet snack.

The thing is, The Bushcamp Company‘s Mfuwe Lodge has been built on top of the elephants’ mango highway. Instead of relocating the hotel, they just let the big stampy angels wander on through the lobby to get over to the mango grove.

This is absolutely not a new thing, nor is it some ridiculous stunt set up by the hotel – the giant, wild creatures genuinely will not go around the hotel because dammit they were here first and you can’t just expect wild elephants to reroute around humans so they can get their damned mangoes.

So if you want to wake up with a great big ellie snarfing down wild mangoes outside your room, you’d best be booking yourself a couple of nights in here.