4 Ways To Cop Easy-To-Digest Investing Info If Yr Interest Drops Instantly

Liza Miller Younger

Do your eyes immediately glaze over when someone talks about investing? I get it. When you’re dipping your toe in, it can feel intimidating as hell. Resources are crammed full of jargon and friends turn into ‘experts’ who throw unsolicited advice your way. It’s basically information overload. But if you are feeling out of your depth and like you’re not the investing type, don’t let all the expected knowledge scare you off. You just have to find some easy-to-digest information that helps you get a handle on it – and stay interested in it.

So, if cracking open a hefty book about the stock market makes you feel denser than the tome itself, try one of the following investing resources. They’re easy to absorb so you can start to feel empowered to plan your financial future, instead of mentally checking out and hoping for the best.   

Blog posts

I would happily be taught everything from here on out via a breezy blog explainer. There’s usually one theme or one question answered, so it’s not too overwhelming at once. Just pick a topic and take it easy. But make sure you go to a trusted platform to pick up the info instead of some know-it-all who, in fact, knows very little.

MoneySmart is worth a look-in. Launched by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) to bolster Aussies of all backgrounds with financial confidence, it’s got plenty of simple guides on-site. It even has how many mins you can expect to commit for each blog, so if you wanna start extra light, ‘How to invest‘ and ‘Choose your investments‘ are both sub-five mins. You’re welcome.

Sharesies is an investing business that also works to provide lots of resources to educate us all. The Sharesies Australia site is stacked with blogs that contain all kinds of investing 101 info. Whether it’s how to make money from investing in shares, working out when is a good time to invest, or just WTF an ETF is, find the area you need help in, have a read and you’ll feel more ready to dive in. 


Before you roll your eyes at this one, how much time do you really waste on TikTok? I’m betting it’s a lot. And I’m also betting you’ve chucked the old “I read somewhere” line out when regurgitating something from the app during a conversation.

So, if you’re not on the #FinTok corner of the app yet, have a little peruse so your algorithm starts sending a few more vids your way. Steer clear of any get-rich-quick advice and it’s always worth sussing out the ‘fin-fluencers’ that pop up, but if you’re after general, good-to-know bursts of info, it can help you to make an investment decision that’s right for you.

Have a geeze at Aussies Queenie Tan (@investwithqueenie) who’s got over 150K followers or Natasha Etschmann (@tashinvests) who has over 85K followers. Or, to play the field a bit more, hit up hashtags like #fintok or#australianinvesting to peruse a mix of people sharing tips.

@investwithqueenie Getting dividends reinvested or paid out in Australia 💵 #ausfinance #dividends #learnontiktok ♬ original sound – Queenie Tan


Bust the highlighters out because there’s a course for everything now. If you’re the classroom type, hit up a local or online short course to devote some time to learning the basics. You’ll be able to ask your teacher every dumb question you have and take comfort in the fact that they really know what they’re talking about – unlike your mate who’s verbosely laying down the facts late at kick-ons.

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) itself has a bunch of free courses online. Work your way through modules to build up a baseline knowledge about shares, bonds, options, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). 

The ladies behind the Girls That Invest podcast also have a six-week Investing Masterclass to help walk you through the early, confusing stages of diving into the stock market.


The beauty of a podcast is, when you find a good one, you go for the topic but stay for the personalities. Eventually the host sounds like your mate having a chinwag with you on the couch. And it’s a chatty format, so if you find a podcast delving into investing, they’re likely to tackle the topic without the fancy vernacular.

We’ve launched a podcast with the fellas from Funny Business and our pals at Sharesies. Lachlan Bradford and Robbie Hicks co-host Unlikely Investors – an eight-episode series about getting into the world of investing. Featuring interviews with Sharesies Co-Founder Brooke Roberts, savvy entrepreneur Flex Mami, coupled up entertainers Jayden Rodrigues and Natasha Vella and NFT artist Bianca Beers, the series gives you some insight you can actually absorb to boost your understanding. 

If you’re after other enjoyable Aussie eps on investing, try She’s On The Money or You’re In Good Company. The lads from Equity Mates also make investing easy-to-understand and have an offshoot podcast that’s literally called Get Started Investing for the real basics.

Stop putting off learning about investing if you’re keen to get started. The more you know, the more interesting it gets, so digest what you can from simple resources where you can and it’ll all add up. Before you know it you’ll be the friend throwing investing advice at anybody who whispers a word about it.

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