Dutton Reckons The #NauruFiles Are Just ‘Hype’ & The Refugees Are Lying

Peter Dutton is the highest representation of the saddest fact of Australian politics: even the most incompetent and mediocre can and will succeed as long as they stick to the party line.

Dutton has finally said something about The Guardian‘s shocking leaked files on Nauru, which detail incidences of abuse against asylum seekers in detention, many of whom are children. His response should be no surprise to anyone who has paid even the barest modicum of attention to the issue over the past years.
Speaking to Ray Hadley on 2GB, Dutton said that the leaked reports are ‘hype’ and that many asylum seekers make false claims of sexual assault to get to Australia.

Dutton reckons that there’s no way sexual assault could happen under his watch. “I won’t tolerate any sexual abuse whatsoever. But I have been made aware of some incidents that have been reported, false allegations of sexual assault, because in the end people have paid money to people smugglers and they want to come to our country.
He also claimed that people have self-immolated on Nauru in an attempt to fast-track their attempts to get to Australia. Rounding out the hat-trick of shit takes, he also says that Pauline Hanson has a point:

So, just another day in the office for Dutton.
Source: 2GB / Twitter.
Photo: Getty Images.