Dude Whose Penis Was Famously Cut Off By His Wife Appears On Wild New Show

It’s a case in the 90s that made every penis-owner cross their legs due to sympathy pains… or out of fear. 
A woman called Lorena Bobbit, after years of being a victim of physical and mental abuse from her husband John Wayne Bobbit, snapped one night in 1993 and chopped his penis off with a kitchen knife. 
After the attack, she panicked – she got into her car and drove around Virginia (where the couple lived), and tossed the severed appendage (*shudder*) out the window of the car. 
Police later found it, and it was able to be reattached. 
Shit got weirder from there – John found he was still able to perform sexually (how, we will never fully understand, nor do we really want to), then managed to create a career for himself as a porn star. 
He starred in adult films such as ‘Frankenpenis‘, in which a man who was castrated by his ‘undersexed wife’ is given a ‘super penis’. 
He became a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show, and Stern even paid for his penile enlargement surgery. 
Yes, you are reading all of this correctly, we can assure you. 
Now Bobbit will be appearing on a Reelz series called ‘Scandal Made Me Famous‘. It’s one of those horrendous US true crime shows where they do the shockingly-acted, overdramatic yet stupendously low-budget reenactments. 
He’ll discuss what life is like 23 years on from the terrifying incident; he also speaks about the immediate aftermath and what he felt:
“I looked down and there was blood everywhere … It was a devastating thing to happen to you suddenly. 

Suicide seemed like the only answer.”
However, he says he hold no ill will towards Lorena for what she did:
“I don’t blame Lorena. We both hurt each other. I wish her the best.”
Watch this utterly awful trailer. It is… really something:
The show airs in the US on Saturday. Stay tuned. 
Source: People
Photo: Steve Eichner / Getty.