While the first teaser for Drew Barrymore‘s insane new Netflix show ‘Santa Clarita Diet‘ could have actually been a television ad for legitimate fad diet, the first full trailer gives us *WAY* more info. 

And people – the info is good. 

Barrymore has created a cannibal comedy which gives some hilariously harsh critique of the privileged SoCal lifestyle. And if you read that sentence again, it’s a pretty goddamn weird one. 

Okay, so – Sheila (Barrymore) and her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) are suburban realtors in California and parents to two children. 

Sheila, for reasons unbeknownst to us right now, goes through some strange supernatural transformation seemingly overnight: her heart no longer beats, and now she has insatiable cravings for human flesh and blood. 

Drew Barrymore Is Cutest Cannibal Ever In 1st ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Trailer

Joel is remarkably supportive of this transition, because LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS, PEOPLE. 

They’re gonna murder the shit out of some people so Sheila can get a nice meal in. As long as they exclusively murder “little Hitlers” they’ll basically be heroes!


Seriously, isn’t Barrymore is the most adorable zombie/cannibal you’ve ever seen? Cutie. 

Source: Netflix / Youtube.