Well this one came out of left field.

You might have caught the word last week about Drew Barrymore‘s new Netflix series ‘Santa Clarita Diet,’ which on paper looked like a run-of-the-mill family sitcom right up until the point that it got DARK AS SHIT.

The original premise for the series had Barrymore as a suburban wife and mum, working as a real estate agent in the pleasant and affluent areas of Santa Clarita, California. The very excellent Timothy Olyphant stars as Barrymore’s husband, who also sells houses in the region. And it all looked very nice and clean cut and pleasant.

And it did. Until the show dropped the little morsel of info that in episode one, Barrymore’s character dies, reanimates as something of a Californian zombie, and begins chowing down on any jerk in the vicinity who slights her in any way, in order to keep her flesh cravings in check and her family out of the chomp zone.

That’s in EPISODE ONE.

The show’s dropped a pair of teasers that show the juxtaposition between the bright and sunny setting and the hellishly dark comedic presence and be damned if we’re not keen to see Barrymore chomp on some fools.

As a bonus, there’s another teaser with Olyphant explaining how his wife’s new diet is great! So great! Apart from… y’know… when it gets a bit intense.

The extended cast also includes names like Nathan Fillion and Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and the whole thing comes from the warped mind of Victor Fresco, who you might remember as the creator of cult series ‘Better Off Ted,’ and ‘Andy Richter Controls the Universe.’

The whole bloody series hits Netflix on February 3. Who’s hungry?

Source: Netflix/YouTube.