Dreamworld Execs To Meet & Discuss 6-Figure Annual Bonus Days After Tragedy

Only 2 days after the tragic incident at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, where four people passed away after a ride malfunction, executives are allegedly meeting to discuss bonus pay. 
News Ltd. is reporting that executives from the theme park’s parent company, Ardent Leisure, are holding their general annual meeting today, where its ‘elusive’ CEO Deborah Thomas will face investors. 
Dreamworld makes up approximately a third of Ardent Leisure‘s earning, but the park’s shares have tumbled since the tragedy. 
Shares have dropped a total of 67 cents since Tuesday, wiping a whopping $310 million from the company’s market capitalisation.
Thomas, who was met with controversy when she nabbed the CEO job after leaving her editor role at Australian Women’s Weekly, is said to be up for the six-figure bonus. 
Reports say she was expected to receive a bonus package between $670,000-$860,000. 
She was expected to make a public statement after she travelled to the Gold Coast yesterday in wake of the devastating incident, but failed to. 
She’s now expected to face the media after today’s general meeting.
Source: News Ltd
Photo: Dreamworld.