Donald Trump Calls Kevin Rudd ‘Not The Brightest Bulb’ In Extremely Weird Spray

Former US President Donald Trump has started a feud with yet another political figure, after he made comments calling former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd “a little bit nasty” and said Rudd was “not the brightest bulb”.

Bold comments to make about a man who speaks multiple languages coming from a man who can hardly speak one.

What did Donald Trump say about Kevin Rudd?

In an interview with conservative UK political figure Nigel Farage, Trump made threats about the longevity of Rudd’s position as Australia’s ambassador to the US if he returns to the Oval Office.

Rudd, who in recent years has been a vocal critic of the Murdoch Press and its beneficiaries — which includes Trump — has previously labelled Trump as “a traitor to the West” and a “destructive president” in various social media posts.

Farage brought up the former Labor PM in a line of questioning about how Trump’s relationship with Australia may change now that the Liberals no longer run the federal government.

“Now they’ve appointed Kevin Rudd, former Labor MP. I mean, he has said the most horrible things, you were a destructive president, a traitor to the West — and he’s now Australia’s ambassador in Washington,” said Farage.

“Would you take a phone call from him?”

“He won’t be there long if that’s the case. I don’t know much about him. I hear he was a little bit nasty,” answered Trump.

“I hear he’s not the brightest bulb, but I don’t know much about him.”

Trump then made an ominous comment regarding Rudd’s employment, saying: “If he’s at all hostile, he will not be there long.”

Peep the clip here.

@sydneymorningherald In an interview with former Brexit party leader Nigel Farage on Britain’s right-leaning GB News, Donald Trump was asked what he thought of former prime minister Kevin Rudd. #kevinrudd #donaldtrump #auspol ♬ original sound – Sydney Morning Herald

Oooooooooh shade… I guess?

It’s giving the vibe of that annoying kid in class with a rich dad calling out the class nerd for having poor social skills.

Like, sure the nerd is a bit of a twerp sometimes and doesn’t work well with a team, but like… FFS the rich kid is a POS.

God, Trump is incredible at bringing everyone down to his mental level — third grade.

So, if a fight is about to go down at recess, let’s see what Rudd has said about it.

How has Rudd responded to Trump’s comments?

Despite these hostile threats from Trump, members of the Australian Government such as Foreign Minister Penny Wong have responded confirming that as far as they are concerned, Rudd will continue to be Australia’s ambassador to the US.

“He has been active in engaging with members of Congress on both sides of politics and he is a former prime minister, former foreign minister,” said Wong.

“His experience and skills mean he will be able to work closely with whoever is elected by the American people as the United States president.”

Kevin Rudd himself has not shared a formal response to the drama yet.

The 2024 American Presidential Election is set to take place in November.

Trump is the current Republican candidate for the US election, with current President Joe Biden being the Democrat’s candidate.

God. Help. Us. All.