Trump Refuses To Admit Defeat Even As Big Govt Agency Says ‘Yeah Mate, Give Biden The Keys’

US President Donald Trump‘s administration has taken the first step to hand the reins over to President-elect Joe Biden, even as Trump vows to continue his increasingly pathetic fight against this month’s election results.

CNN reports General Services Administration (GSA) leader Emily Murphy today issued a letter confirming Team Trump is ready to work with Team Biden on the handover.

It’s not a concession, but it is the first solid indication that Trump is remotely willing to give up the election, which he has bitterly, and fruitlessly, contested for weeks.

The GSA is essentially the office manager for the US Government, and the department tasked with all of their nitty-gritty admin shit. If you’ve worked in an office before, you will know the office manager is the most important person in the building. It’s no different here: Murphy’s letter means Trump officials are now permitted to work with Biden’s folks on the handover. It also means Biden’s camp will receive millions in taxpayer funds to make the transition happen.

It’s good news for Biden – who stands to inherit economic turmoil and a largely unchecked coronavirus pandemic – but Trump says the battle isn’t quite over.

Taking to Twitter, Trump acknowledged the letter, saying he supports the “initial protocols” laid out by the letter. However, he said the litany of legal cases against various state-level election results “STRONGLY continues”, and that he believes “we will prevail!”

The bulk of Trump’s legal challenges to the election results have died in the arse, and a lawsuit attempting to overturn Trump’s loss in Pennsylvania was tossed out on Saturday. Even then, it appears that even if Trump did succeed in his attempts to have some ballots invalidated, that still wouldn’t be enough to overturn his vote deficit.

A handful of Republican clingers-on are now softly asking for a smooth transition, which may signal rats fleeing a sinking ship as much as it does a genuine belief in Order and Good Governance and the Sanctity of the Office, plus all of the other ideals that Trump permanently destroyed when he first took office.

There’s a long way to go before Biden’s inauguration on January 20, 2021, but today’s letter is an indication at least some part of Trump is preparing for the end.