Donald Trump Hits Up A ‘Heroes & Villains’ Party Dressed As Himself, Derr

Any single person on this earth is both a hero and a villain, just to different groups – it really just depends on perspective. 
And hero of the alt-right, President-Elect Donald Trump, is v. clearly playing into this concept with his social appearances this weekend. 
He attended the Mercer party on Saturday night on Long Island in New York. The Mercer family were reportedly the biggest donors to his political campaign, according to Politico. 
However, the party was ‘Heroes and Villains‘-themed, and the invitation allegedly featured “a sword-wielding centurion crouching in an ancient ruin, facing down a serpent-haired Medusa“.
Trump‘s family was not with him, and he instead attended with his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway
While Conway decided on the rather easy option of Super Girl, Trump instead opted for a more political statement. 
Yup, he went dressed as himself.

Reportedly, Trump‘s motorcade arrived at the party at 8:35 p.m. As Trump entered, dressed in a dark suit, overcoat and tie, he was asked who his ‘costume’ was supposed to emulate.
He pointed at himself, and then simply mouthed the word, “Me”. 
Well, a ballsy move, but not *completely* untrue, we suppose. 
Source: Politico.
Photo: Twitter / @KellyannePolls.