Dom Perrottet’s Set To Call For The End Of Mandatory COVID Iso, Which Is Certainly A Fkn Choice

Cool, cool, cool: NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet is set to push for an end to mandatory COVID-19 isolation. This feels like, in short, a bad fkn call.

It’s expected Perrottet will call for all the states and territories to get on board during Friday’s National Cabinet meeting.

At the moment, the isolation requirement for COVID-19 is five days.

Perrottet said on Thursday he wanted there to be a “consensus” among premiers and that the country “should move through the pandemic as one”.

“I believe we need to get to a point where if you’re sick you stay home and if you’re not, you get out and about and enjoy life,” he said, per 9News.


“It’s always a balance between the public health, broader health issues like mental health, social wellbeing and economic and financial issues facing people across our state,” he continued.

“We need to get to that point as a country.”

I dunno Dom, it sort of feels like the priority should be… stopping people from getting sick? And maybe not encouraging people who are potentially infectious to get out and about in the community? Particularly when the bulk of states and territories no longer have widespread mask mandates?

Just a little thought there!!!

In case you missed it, last week Victoria joined the other states in canning mask mandates on public transport.

On the possibility of reducing isolation periods, a spokesperson for the Victorian Government told the Sydney Morning Herald that “national consistency is incredibly important”.

“We look forward to hearing from the Chief Medical Officer of the Commonwealth at National Cabinet on Friday,” they said.

“We’ll continue to work constructively through national cabinet to ensure consistency across Australia and have the best measures in place to support Victorians.”

It’s really fun and cool that we’ve just seemingly decided the pandemic isn’t something we need to be worried about anymore.