Dodge Awkward Double-Ups W/ This List Of 2016’s Hottest Halloween Costumes

Before social media, Halloween costumes were a very straightforward affair: you cut two holes in a sheet and you wore the sheet for about 45 minutes until you realised it was crazy hot under there and it’s really hard to drink while you’re underneath a sheet.
These days however it’s a highly competitive arms race to see who can distill this year’s dankest memes into a costume that costs less than $10. You’re essentially in competition with everyone else to come up with something that everyone will recognise, but also no one else will do – it’s tough.
The eggheads at Google have thrown together one of their little gizmos to give you the one-up on which costumes are going to be most popular, based on how many people are searching “<that thing> costume”.
In the interests of helping you avoid doubling up on your Harambe costume or whatever with some other dumbass at your Halloween party, here’s the 50 most popular ones:
50. Cowboy 
49. Darth Vader
48. Steam Punk (bloody nerds)
47. Batgirl
46. Belle
45. Power Rangers
44. 1980s
43. Bear
42. Princess Jasmine
41. Stormtrooper
40. Rabbit
39. Superman
38. Ghost
37. Ninja
36. Tinkerbell
35. Angel
34. Fairy
33. The Mad Hatter
32. Skeleton
31. Little Red Riding Hood
30. Cheerleader (this one might not be for Halloween)
29. PAW Patrol
28. Mickey Mouse
27. Doll
26. Lion
25. Tyrannosaurus
24. Pumpkin
23. Catwoman
22. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
21. Ghostbusters
20. Unicorn
19. Minions
18. Princess
17. Poison Ivy
16. Vampire
15. Deadpool
14. Minnie Mouse
13. Zombie
12. Pikachu
11. Mermaid
10. Dinosaur
9. Clown (if you love horrifying people)
8. Star Wars
7. Batman
6. Witch
5. Wonderwoman
4. Pirate
3. Superhero
2. Joker
1. Harley Quinn

Get ready to see a whole lot of people dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn drunkenly making out or, depending on how you role, get ready to drunkenly make out with a bunch of people dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn.
You can check out the pun-tastically named Frightgeist here and have a look at what the top trend around you is (mine is Pebbles Flintstone for some reason?).