Developers Who Demolished Beloved Carlton Pub Will Be Forced To Replace It

Looks like there’s a tasty double shot of justice coming courtesy of the depressing yarn about the unauthorised demolition of Carlton‘s beloved heritage-listed Corkman Irish Pub. The developers behind the demolition will be brought before the planning tribunal and forced to replace the 159-year old hotel with a similar building.

The building was sneakily destroyed by owners Stefce Kutlesovski and Raman Shaqiri, who had no building or planning permits. If that weren’t insult enough, building waste and rubble – including asbestos – were found dumped in Cairnlea.
Planning Minister Richard Wynne and the city council are behind the move – but if it fails, there’s a contingency for pub-loving punters. The state government is pushing through new planning rules which will essentially forbid the owners from developing anything except a two-storey venue of similar style and size.
“Any application for a permit for buildings and works on the site will require the restoration and reconstruction of the Carlton Inn in its entirety in the form it was in prior to demolition,” said Wynne.
He clarified that it’s clear that it wouldn’t be possible to recreate the demolished building in it’s entirety. “But the overlay requires that its built form is as close as possible to what was there prior to demolition.”

The pair of owners are facing big fines: $186,552 for breaking planning laws, $466,380 for illegal demolition and an unspecified total for illegal dumping of building materials and asbestos.
Multiple sources have told Fairfax that the pair planned to build apartments in place of the demolished pub.
Source: The Age.
Photo: Jenny Zhou.