Designer’s Amazing ‘Interactive Resume’ Puts Every Boring CV To Shame

New York tech guru, designer and dude who undoubtedly has a job by now Robby Leonardi has quietly gone and made that sans serif heavy, clean lined (in a plastic sleeve!) curriculum vitae you so proudly clogged with your work history look like the most convincing and pitiful Reasons Why Not To Hire Me document an employer has ever received.

While the resume 15-year-old me handed in to various fast food outlets du jour certainly did just as an efficient job at landing employment, swapping my Comic Sans-printed gushing of being “a knitting enthusiast” and “passionately reliable” with sleek graphics and smooth interactivity sure is one way to impress a boss. A stupidly cute incarnation of Leonardi as a four eyed super hero, navigating the “levels” of his repertoire and work history make this easily both the most depressing and fascinating resume of all time.

Get inspiration for ways to land your dream job and navigate Robby Leonardi’s resume here, with some noted highlights shown below.

Via Uproxx.