Dentists Suspended For Poor Hygiene As 11,000 Sydney Patients May Be At HIV Risk

As if bringing out the terrified David within us us all wasn’t enough already, past trips to the dentist may become a lot more worrying, in hindsight – as a health scare at two Sydney dental practices may put up to 11,000 patients at risk of HIV and hepatitis, according to the Sydney Morning Herald today.

According to SMH, New South Wales Health authorities have already begun contacting and warning patients of The Gentle Dentist practices in Campsie and the Sydney CBD, following breaches in hygiene and sterilisation. Furthering that, ABC reports that four dentists from The Gentle Dentist have been suspended over the breaches – including Dr Samson Chan (and his registration), the owner of both practices.

Six other dentist practitioners have also had conditions imposed, according to the ABC.

Following the news, patients who have visited The Gentle Dentist within the last ten years could be at risk of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV.

“These audits showed that there were some problems with the cleaning, sterilisation and storage of instruments in that it was not being done in compliance with the guidelines of the dental board of Australia.”

Another dental practice with surgeries in Surry Hills and Bondi Junction – operated by Robert Starkenburg – may also be at risk.

Fairfax today claims that the 21 dentists employed by Dr Chan are “young, with little experience with infection control.” 

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Any patients concerned about the health risk can contact The Dental Association Of NSW today, on 1800 610 344.

And for anyone with a trip to the dentist coming up? As always, Godspeed.

Via SMH.