A Dating App Is Copping Backlash Over An Absolute Red Flag Of An Advertisement In Sydney

A dating app has copped some major backlash after its truly bonkers marketing strategy went viral on social media.

Late last week Sydneysiders were left gobsmacked after a car in Sydney was spray painted with the words like “liar”, “cheater” and “scum”.

On one side of the vehicle, a phrase reads “I know what you did” and on the other side, an Instagram handle (@sophieyoungs) was etched across two passenger windows.

Naturally, with everyone being so damn nosey (me, being the number one chismosa in Western Sydney) the car and all of its spicy phrases were shared all over social media. The girlies (and everyone else on the internet) just wanted to know THE GOSS.

“You may have seen our little stunt out and about Sydney,” the app wrote on its official Instagram, alongside a photo of the car.

“We don’t have the huge budgets to splash out on influencers, big billboards or fancy TV ads, so we got creative to get your attention!”

Some punters did not find this marketing idea to be great, with some observers claiming that the stunt promotes vandalism.

“Promoting vandalism… yeah coz that’s smart,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Wtf I am against cheating too but promoting this illegal behaviour on a business page is very off. Unfollowed. I can’t take your business seriously anymore,” a second person commented.

“It doesn’t matter that it’s her car, it’s about the message you’re sending. Why would you want your dating app to be associated with cheating and vandalism? What’s supposed to be the takeaway here? Use your service because it leads to this? Or use your service so this doesn’t happen?” questioned a third.

However, some people appreciated the unique marketing scheme.

“Glad to see some people still have a sense of humour!! U GO GIRL,” wrote one commenter.

But look, regardless of whether you approve of their techniques, the app is certainly getting our attention. And I guess that that’s guerilla marketing well done.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Thursday Dating and Sophie Young for comment.