Spotify Just Casually Obliterated A Liberal For A Cringe Tweet About Dan Andrews’ Wrapped 2021

dan andrews spotify wrapped

In news that I can’t believe is real and actually, Spotify Australia has entered the chat to casually drag a Victorian Liberal who tried to make a cringe Spotify Wrapped joke aimed at Victorian Premier Dan Andrews.

Michael O’Brien, who shares the title of Worst Michael in Australian politics with NSW Nationals MP Michael McCormack, posted an edited version of what he imagines Andrews’ Spotify Wrapped looked like this year.

Of course, instead of actually adding songs with lyrics that spell out his attack campaign on the Premier, he simply… lists a bunch of digs Andrews.

Bestie, where’s the originality here? Have we learned nothing from the copious amounts of Spotify playlists with one-word song titles that spell out an 800-word confession from the heart? No? I guess not!

According to O’Brien’s post, Andrews’ top artists of 2021 were the Greens, Animal Justice, Reason Party, Transport Matters, and the CCP (assumedly, the Chinese Communist Party?). Mate, you had the perfect opportunity here to make a Glass Animals reference regarding artist numero duex.

O’Brien continued, “claiming” that Andrews’ top songs were, evidently, not actually songs on Spotify but a list of things people have experienced under Andrews government.

Again, where’s the spice? Where’s the pizzas? I swear, Liberals must eat boiled rocks for dinner because this post lacks real flavour.

Bro, if you’re going to make a Spotify Wrapped dig at someone at least commit to the bit. This isn’t even half-baked, this is hastily made, thrown in the oven and taken out before the pastry even gets brown and crispy.

O’Brien also claimed that Andrews spent “262 days locked down” under the “Minutes Listened” section – which just grammatically doesn’t make sense – and claimed Andrews’ top genre was “Arrogance”, everyone’s favourite real music genre.

Looking at all this, I don’t even need to see O’Brien’s Wrapped to know what his top genre is: retired circus sounds. Given the reception on Twitter, it appears I’m not alone in dragging him.

“This wasn’t the slam dunk you thought it was going to be was it,” read one reply.

“Did anyone stop to question who the target audience was for this witless lead balloon,” asked another.

Anyway, the post is so embarrassing that even Spotify itself stepped in and tried to stay as far as possible away from this car crash of a post.

“Just in case it needs to be clarified for anyone, this is not Spotify data,” it said in a reply on Twitter.

Ouch. Get em boys. Hilariously, that reply has more than double the likes in the original post.

Anyway, fortunately, Australia’s Spotify Wrapped 2021 looks a lot better than this.