Dan Andrews’ Cat Got Found After 8 Months Missing & His Cute Fam Is Stoked

The Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, is a pretty okay bloke in some ways. Unlike his dastardly New South Wales counterpart, Mike Baird, at least some of his values mirror those of the likeminded ~youths~ of today. 

Today, karma delivered in a big way for Andrews. He took to Facebook to share “the best news all year,” and hoo boy, it really is a doozy.
Andrews shared the all too familiar parable of how their family cat, Smokey, had gone missing eight months ago. Naturally, they had given up all hope, because miracles do not happen in 2016 – but lo and behold, fkn Smokey pops up a few days into 2K17 because IT IS BETTER. 
The Premier posted a vid of his three kids seeing Smokey for the first time, and it is adorable, albeit shrouded in mystery (for some reason, the clip is only three seconds long, and the cat is concealed under a blanket like that kid in The Others‘/Michael Jackson in Scary Movie 3). 
Of course, this post couldn’t have been from Andrews if he didn’t use the emotional event to spruik a good cause, and he’s thanked the RSPCA for their valiant efforts, as well as reminding pet owners to microchip their animals. 
Ol’ Dan’s wife, Catherine, tweeted gleefully about the reunion, and here we get a better look at the elusive Smokey. 

Definitely don’t want to sway from the hype or anything, but Smokey looks like she’s seen some serious shit. 
Will this cat ever be the same? Who knows. There’s a good chance she’s seasoned irrevocably from her eight months solo on the road, but either way, the Andrews clan are super stoked, and we’re chuffed for them. 
Source: Facebook / Daniel Andrews. 
Photo: Twitter / Catherine Andrews.