A Rogue Clown Has Caused A Full-On Ocean Donnybrook On A UK Cruise Ship

Happy Monday, let the start of this week be weirdly sweetened by the knowledge that one person in a clown costume caused such a fuss on a British cruise liner that it turned into a full waterborne blue that had passengers apparently using furniture and plates as weapons. No clowning around here, people.

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As per CNN, the P&O liner ‘Britannia’ – not from the Aussie fleet – was working its way over from Norway’s fjords to Southampton when the shit ceremoniously hit the fan late last week. According to a reporter who was on board for the whole barney, which kicked off in the buffet area when a (likely wankered) passenger appeared in a clown costume, barely 12 hours after leaving port in Bergen, Norway, after a “patriotic afternoon”, and during a black-tie event on the ship.

I mean, look at them all waving their little union jacks, completely oblivious to the fact that some 12 hours later chaos would ensue in the bistro.

Apparently, the mere presence of someone in costume at a bougie event rustled another passenger’s jimmies, who had very specifically booked a cruise that would include absolutely NO fancy dress whatsoever. So when another punter showed up in the buffet room in full clown regalia, blood was spilled.

The full oceanic fracas resulted in multiple passengers injured, and those believed to be involved confined to their rooms for the remainder of the trip from the Norwegian fjords.

It has been reported that all passengers left the ship once it arrived back in the UK, and a man and a woman from Essex were arrested and later released from police custody, but remain under investigation.

It’s not known why someone showed up to a fancy-ass event dressed a Bozo the Clown, but there’s a potential that someone thought ‘fancy dress’ meant full circus-grade costume and not dress fancily.

Hells bells, you hate (love) to see it.