New Zealand Bar Slammed For Offering Cheap Corona Beers “While The Pandemic Lasts”

coronavirus beer ad

A bar in New Zealand has come under fire for using the devastating coronavirus epidemic to promote Corona beer.

Obviously it’s the joke that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but most of the population (or at least businesses) have decided not to make the joke on account of the 170+ people who have died in the last month as a result of the virus.

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But if you think that was going to stop the House of Hood in Hamilton, think again.

The venue displayed a now-deleted poster advertising that Corona beers would be $6.50 “while the pandemic lasts.”

“Virus or no virus, we still think Coronas are pretty great, so while the pandemic lasts, we’re selling Coronas for just $6.50, all day, every day,” the post read.

“Mention your corona loving mates to let them know about this great deal and you could be sharing a free one-metre pizza this Friday at House.”

But if that wasn’t enough, they also showed two men in hazmat suits and protective face masks holding bottles of Corona.

Thankfully, Corona’s New Zealand distributor Lion asked for the post to be removed,

However, the House of Hood decided to take it a step further with a new poster.

“Let’s be honest, there are worse things you can catch in Hamilton,” the post read, again referring to the coronavirus. “Coronas still $6.50 all summer long.”

Naturally, the bar was absolutely blasted online for the insensitive post.

“More than 130 people have died and many more is still suffering, whereas you guys are making fun of it, just to earn more money for your business,” one comment read.

John Lawrenson, the CEO of House of Hood’s parent company Lawrenson Group, told Daily Mail that it was only a small number of people who were offended by the post.

“So I’d just like to say thanks to all the snowflakes for the free advertising and thanks to everyone else with a sense of humour who liked the post,” he said.