Cops After Dickhead Gatecrashers As Melbs Home Cops Movie-Level Trashing

A Melbourne family are the latest victims of arsehole gatecrashers, after a mob of up to 200 uninvited “guests” converged on a Point Cook home and put on their best / worst Project X imitation last night.

According to The Age, a 17-year-old bloke and his younger sister chucked up a private Facebook invite to friends, and those deets were seized upon by a squadron of plum dickheads around 11.30pm.

Police report the teens told the gatecrashers to GTFO before their front door was literally kicked in. The group smashed windows, and generally caused an ungodly ruckus for no bloody good reason.

One neighbour said “as soon as the front window broke they were like in a frenzy,” while others report they saw some utter stains making off with televisions, computers, and other personal belongings. 

When cops arrived, they actually had to retreat – the cops say a group nearing fifty charged at ’em “in a threatening manner,” and may have been brandishing wooden stakes from nearby gardens as weapons. 

The “party” only broke up as the cops showed up with a no-fooling helicopter. The teens were forced to barricade themselves in a room while the whole crew ran amok.

Again, this happened in suburban Melbourne. 

Neighbours were still helping to clear up the ungodly mess this morning. 

Police have informed the teens’ dad – who is currently visiting Queensland – about the ordeal. Victoria Police Superintendent Stuart Bateson said pops is “less than impressed”, obv., and the youngin’s are “pretty sheepish.”
“They know they have overstepped the make (sic) and certainly they are more worried about what their father is going to say, than any other consequences.”
Regarding consequences for the arseholes who decided to go berserk on a stranger’s house? Police say only a small number were actively involved in trashing the joint and nicking property, and have urged for them to come forward. 
While they oughta be reprimanded pretty heavily for ruining a bona fide teenage rite of passage, a simpler lesson can be imparted to everyone else involved: don’t be shitheads, yeah?