Colombian Cops Confirm It Was The DEA Who Alerted ‘Em To Cassie Sainsbury

A Colombian official has confirmed it was the United States Drug Enforcement Agency – yessir, the DEA itself – which alerted Bogota airport workers to check the baggage of alleged drug trafficker Cassie Sainsbury.

Commander Rodrigo Soler told News Corp that the DEA, perhaps best known to Aussies as the antagonistic agency in Breaking Bad and Narcos, was responsible for identifying the 22-year-old’s unusual travel plans and informing Colombian authorities.
Discussing her luggage, which was found to contain 5.8kg of cocaine packaged in what Sainsbury believed to be headphone boxes, Commander Soler said “the alert said check this person so we pulled her aside and we searched her luggage and we arrested her.

“We asked ‘is this your bag, did you pack this?’. She said ‘yes’.”
Colonel Soler had also confirmed Sainsbury’s ticket to the South American nation had been purchased by an unknown buyer in Hong Kong. That odd purchase, along with Sainsbury’s brief travel plans, was what drew the DEA’s attention.
We’ll keep you posted on this one.
Photo: Fundrazr.