These Pics Of Australia Rallying For The Climate Strike Will Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart

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Australia, you bloody legends. You took the Global Climate Strike and you ran with it so hard, it’s shocked us all.

[jwplayer V5G23vZp]

With cities like Melbs, Sydney, Brissie and Hobart copping some major attention for huuuuge crowds, that doesn’t mean the rest of our Great Southern Land didn’t show the fuck up too. In fact, there are some pretty heartwarming images out there of crowds descending on everywhere from Geelong to Byron Bay.

All up, the numbers right now according to SMH are around 300,000+ and climbing, across eight major cities and over 100 towns. The biggest turnout Australia-wide since the protest against the Iraq War in 2003, which saw 500k.

Perth had some mega numbers, by the way.

And you Adelaideans (even though you are the cursed city, I will not take it back but also this is an All Aussie Mystery Hour joke) did DAMN GOOD SON.


Canberra! You’re full of the pollies and you totally showed up!!

Here’s some more bangers for you.

Bloody gorgeous stuff, Australia. Here’s hoping our united front moves a few of these goddamn mountains, huh.