How To Cope When Climate Change Is Making You Stressed & Anxious About The Future

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

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At this point in time, if you’re not genuinely concerned about the state of our climate then I can only assume you’re Satan who’s patiently waiting for his new holiday house on Earth.

To put it lightly: we’re pretty fucking fucked.

I also share the feeling of not being entirely sure what I can do to make a difference, and I feel that people are less inclined to get involved if others are shouting at them for being inactive. That’s why, as part of our upcoming self-care festival, Selfish Saturday, we’re enlisting the help of climate activist Laura Wells to have a frank, no-dumb-questions convo with punters about our current hell-on-earth situation.

Given she works so closely to the cause, it’s natural that Laura is well-versed on the anxiety many of us feel around climate change. Sometimes it can feel like we’re fighting a losing battle, especially when shit keeps going south around the globe.

I believe we aren’t fighting a losing battle and being at the forefront of climate activism is imperative if we want to make a change, but that doesn’t mean our feelings of helplessness, stress and worry are any less real or valid.

1. The Small Shit Matters

Don’t feel like your little changes – showing up to rallies, choosing to recycle even when it’s annoying, and transforming your own little life – don’t matter. They do.

“EVERY ACTION COUNTS,” says Laura. “We need all 7 billion people on this planet to start acting, no matter how small the changes maybe. Not only is it beneficial and rewarding to the individual and encourages them to do more with each successful change they make, they are also subconsciously educating those around them just by doing.”

Next time you feel overwhelmed with how massive the climate change problem is, remind yourself that you’re doing what YOU can do to change things. That’s important, and it’s not nothing.

2. Educate Yourself

Unfortunately the internet is filled with fake news these days – people blindly sharing articles from sources that aren’t reputable, people Tweeting “facts” that are incorrect, and inflammatory headlines that exaggerate the truth.

This means a perpetual confusion around what is and isn’t happening to the globe, and as we all know, stress is magnified when you have NFI what’s going on.

“Educating myself on the actual facts of a situation helps me to get through it, not just reading clickbait headlines and believing off the cuff remarks,” says Laura.

If you see something alarming, do your research before you share it with your own social following. And if you feel confused about a world event, Google explainers from reputable sources so you know what’s up, and can get a better handle on what to do next.

“There are many great, reputable sources of information out there. For easily-digestible and trustworthy knowledge, I would head along to the Climate Council website. There’s lots of information broken down into subjects and infographics to help you get started.”

3. Compartmentalise A Bit

Look, as individuals we can’t be worrying about the planet 24/7, it’s not healthy and actually doesn’t help the cause. Instead of spending every waking moment ruminating on the climate change crisis, Laura says she isolates time to just focus on the day-to-day.

“It can be difficult but I am pretty good at compartmentalising things. Understanding that I can use my powers for good and educate others in the space, and making everyday decisions to help whatever situation is going on at the time.”

Basically, don’t feel guilty for enjoying the moments in life. You can’t be in climate warrior mode all the time or you’ll burn out. It’s okay to party, have a big lazy day watching Netflix, and work on your career.

4. Enjoy Nature

We’re all working to save the planet, that sometimes we forget that nature can be a real stress reliever. If you’re feeling overwhelmed – go sit under a gorgeous tree and read a book, or head to the beach.

“When I feel like I need a real break I take myself outside, get back to nature and shut down of a bit,” says Laura.

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