Christ On A Bike, Yet Another Liberal Politician Could Be A Dual Citizen

You couldn’t make this shit up even if you tried. After the conclusion of the High Court proceedings last week that saw the likes of Barnaby Joyce and Malcolm Roberts summarily shitcanned out of Federal Parliament as part of the whole citizenship debacle that’s threatening to more or less gut Parliament House, yet another Federal politician has revealed he may well be a dual citizen. Seriously.

Liberal Party upper house member and President of the Senate Stephen Parry has today admitted he might kinda, sorta, potentially be a British citizen.

The Tasmanian Senator today informed his senate colleagues that he has sought clarification on his citizenship status with the British Home Office, after observing the High Court’s ruling last week and noting that there is now “absolute clarity” about the application of the Australian Constitution. What, was he just sitting in the background hoping this whole thing would blow over? The political equivalent of hiding in a cupboard under a pile of coats? Good god.

Parry’s father, as it turns out, was born in the United Kingdom before moving to Australia. Despite being born in Tasmania, Parry’s father’s status as a UK-born citizen almost definitely entitles Parry to some form of UK citizenship, which means without proper renouncement he too would’ve been ineligible to run for the senate at the time of his election.

As a result, Parry has flagged his intention to resign in the even that the British Home Office confirms his status as a form of dual citizen.

Needless to say, journos and other politicians have been going to town on the news this afternoon.

Hell, even Cory Bernardi is getting in on the roasting with a sly dig of his own.

A very bland, boring-as-balls dig, sure. But a dig nonetheless.

As far as numbers go, it’s not as potentially catastrophic as Barnaby Joyce’s exit from the lower house is. But at the very least it is embarrassing as all hell for the Turnbull Government.

Auspol. Truly, the gift that keeps on giving.