Check Out More Of The Entries In Our Ongoing Quest For PTV’s Pet MVP

We’re well and truly into the PEDESTRIAN.TV Pet Of The Year Search and boy howdy do we have a lot of entries to go through.

We brought you some of our faves from the earlier entries and lemme tell you, there’s still so many Good Boys and Girls to look at so hell, why not spend the next ten mins cooing over some of the best entries we’ve found in our search.

Just like last time, these little champs are not necessarily going to win the big prize, but hot damn they’re great animals regardless.

Clock out of life for a moment and take your time to peruse through this lot of fantastic furry friends.

There’s still PLENTY of time to enter in your fave mate into our 2017 Pet Of The Year Search, and if your #1 bud turns out to be the best in show, you can find yourself with an extra 5000 clams in your back pocket, among other things.

Chuck us a glamour shot of the animal that rules your house (and don’t forget to tell us their name!) below and you’ll be in with a chance to win a bevvy of prizes for you and your four-legged (or less, or more) friendo.