Channing Tatum Can Literally Seduce Anyone, As Proved By Jimmy Kimmel

Were you all aware that Valentine’s Day is coming up? It’s February already, yo.

Channing Tatum is well aware of this, as is this New York City student called Jennifer, who was plucked off the street by Jimmy Kimmel for a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight in the US.
Tatum managed to prove that he can seduce literally anyone in the world, because this woman – who was simply trying to make her commute home from school – got romanced hard with the assistance of some sweet, sweet Valentine’s heart lollies.
That poor, poor woman. She cannot even with Channing’s sexy whispering and whatnot. Can. Not. Even.
No statement has yet been made by Tatum’s wife, Jenna Dewan. She’s probably at home practicing her Magic Mike routine, which she will no doubt be privately performing for her bae on the 14th.
[Editor’s Note: Video has since been deleted]
Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live.