Calls For Boycott After Newtown Shop Owner’s Alleged Transphobic Abuse

Let’s say this together, folks: if you’re being transphobic in this day and age, you’re on the wrong side of history.

It’s pretty unimpressive that in 2016, people are still wary of, make fun of, and are abusive towards transgender people. It’s just ridiculous, right? Just bloody bizarre. 
Today, a Facebook post is circulating about a shop-owner in Sydney‘s Newtown, who made transphobic comments about a transgender woman who entered his shop ‘The Wild One‘. She promptly left, but he then confronted the woman and her girlfriend on the street, allegedly calling them ‘cuntholes’.
The woman’s friend, Madison Plachotnichenko, made this Facebook post about the incident. It has (at time of writing) 150 shares, and has also been shared by prominent feminist writer Clementine Ford:

BOYCOTT “THE WILD ONE” IN NEWTOWNThis store has been in Newtown for many years and has a huge customer clientele in…

Posted by Madison Plachotnichenko on Saturday, 23 January 2016

It makes reference to the owner known only as ‘David’, making comments about ‘what was between one person’s legs’, and saying ‘it looks like a boy to me’ after being told that one member of the group was a transgender woman (she has not started any kind of physical transition at this stage).
Madison also says that David continued be aggressive over the Internet to the group (after one person left a review of their experience at the shop), even after they went to the police. 
Since posting this, people have found personal posts on the owner’s Facebook which echo far-right Islamophobic sentiments, as well as several misogynistic images and ‘jokes’ about sexual assault. 
We spoke to the woman, Eleanor Georgia Murray, and she said that she was ‘appalled’:

“Not only am I appalled with my experience in the shop, and I’m mainly appalled that a supposed supporter of the LGBTQI community had the guts to display such immature mindset in regards to potential customers and those who support them. Not only to me, but also my girlfriend and friends…”
And considering that Newtown is regarded as an LGBTQI safe space, should people within the community be concerned with shopping at ‘The Wild One’ in the future? Eleanor says yes:
“I strongly urge them to stay as far away from the shop as possible.”
We reached out to ‘The Wild One’ shop through the public Facebook page. We were given a mobile number to call to speak about this incident, but all calls went unanswered. We will continue to follow up for a statement. 
Source: Facebook.
Photo: Google/Facebook.