Cafés Are Struggling To Afford All Those Expenno Avos For Your Toast

A more tragic tale has ne’er been told. Gather, friends, lovers, enemies – come hither to hear the tale of the expensive avo. 

Last week, Avocados Australia chief executive John Tynan said that production of avocados was pretty damn low, and wasn’t looking to get better anytime soon. 
Which is obviously a travesty. And it proves that all good things don’t come easily… ya know? True beauty is rare, you guys.
But does this mean you won’t be getting any more avo on toast for Sunday brunch? 
The ABC spoke to some restauranteurs and cafe-owners, asking them if they’d been affected. And all of them basically said in unison, ‘BLOODY OATH IT IS, EVERY SECOND BASTARD WANTS ONE OF THE BUGGERS SLATHERED OVER BLOODY EVERYTHING, WE’RE PROPER FUCKED!’
Well, not quite that, but essentially that. 
Scott Kennedy, manager of Mister Mr Cafe in Melbourne said there’s no way he’ll take avocado off the menu, but the cost will end up hitting us, the consumer: 
“Taking smashed avocado off the menu in Melbourne probably isn’t the smartest option,” he said.

“We wouldn’t like to make menu changes but there might need to be price rises on dishes if it stays this way.”

And Michael Andrews, from Lucky Duck Cafe says he’s gonna have to change suppliers, but he’s happy to save you good people money and cop the extra cash on the chin rather than raise menu prices.
So, we look to be safe for now. It might just gonna cost you more $$$ for avo on toast, which already cost $19. 
A ‘Strayan epi-tragedy, if we ever heard one. Amen. 

Source: ABC.