Burger King Drops A Dog-Friendly Whopper To Stop Dinnertime Puppy Dog Eyes

If you’ve ever sat down to eat a burger and suddenly felt like you’re being watched by a pair of unblinking eyes, a presence just waiting, biding its time before a crumb or a morsel to fall from your grip and onto the floor, then you’ll be bloody tickled to know that Burger King in the US has developed a little somethin’-somethin’ so you can eat your burg in peace.

[jwplayer WCgqZlic]

The burg royalty is throwing in a free dog-friendly Whopper burger, which is lovingly nicknamed the ‘Dogpper‘, for those hungry little greedy-guts on the floor who hoover up every scrap that accidentally hits the floor.

The Dogpper isn’t exactly a dog-sized burger (though I think the limit doesn’t actually exist with that) but instead is a dog bone/bickky that has the same flavour as the famed Whopper burg. It’s a damn brain genious move here from the King of Burgies.

Pups in Spain were some of the first to get the burg snacks back in September, and now that it’s reached the US, I’m deeply hoping that it’ll make its way over the Hungry Jacks in Aus because lord knows that we just want to eat our burgers and chippies in peace.

Also, I can only assume that dogs have also taken over Burger King’s twitter, because who else would tweet something like this?

If you’re in the US and you have some serious puppy-dog eyes to deal with at literally every meal/snack/moment you sit on the couch, you can order the Dogpper through Door Dash until December 3, just chuck in ‘DOGPPER’ at the checkout part of your order.

Now please, enjoy all of these precious puppies getting their snoots into the specially-made treat from the big burgie lords.

And finally, my favourite dog just going absolutely boonta for a treat.