Brisbane Teen Petitions Malcolm Turnbull To Take $1 Salary

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s $500,000+ salary could be felled by the astute words and petition of a Brisbane teenager, as 15-year-old Corbin Duncan has called on the PM to reduce his salary to $1, and live off his self-made fortune instead. 

Via a petition on, the move has attracted thousands of signatures, as Corbin Duncan writes, 

“It is my understanding that you have significant personal wealth, no doubt acquired through hard work, dedication and personal sacrifices. Make no mistake, you deserve and are entitled to the Prime Ministerial compensation package, however I am sure you have not taken on the role of PM for the associated salary. I respectfully request you to consider taking a $1 salary, or donate your current compensation to a charity of your choosing.”

Duncan adds that by reducing his Prime Ministerial compensation to loose change, Turnbull would join the likes of Michael Bloomberg, Steve Jobs, and the CEOs of Yahoo!, Urban Outfitters and Sears, while making an extra half’a mil available for charities or as a boost to taxpayers’ pooled dollarydoos. 

You have portrayed yourself to be a forward thinking leader and now is the time to show the Australian public what type of leader you are, by standing in solidarity with your fellow Australian tax payers and foregoing your Prime Ministerial salary.

Considering Turnbull’s $186 million+ wealth, and—as we’ve mentioned before—his philanthropic efforts, it wouldn’t be totally out of the question for Turnbull to keep up his (hugely transparent, mind) “people’s PM” image, and become the most powerful, poorly-paid, prolific public transport user in the country. As far as PR moves go? It’s absolutely killer. 

View and/or sign the petition for Malcolm Turnbull to join the dollar-a-year-men club over here