Brisbane Taxi Manager Brags About Assaulting Uber Driver In Facebook Post

As tensions between Uber and the taxi industry continue to grow, a Brisbane cab company executive has taken to a public Facebook group to boast about hitting an Uber driver, and encourage others to “get more militant” with their rivals.  

In a post to Taxi Driver Page, the manager of a Brisbane cab company responded to a post by a colleague who claimed he had been assaulted by an Uber driver while attempting to take his picture. The man wrote:
“Fucking slap him like I did to the prick in Warner St the other night, I am fucking over them. You wait I will fucking get them. They won’t and can’t defend themselves they are illegal. If it was 30 years ago in my time, they wouldn’t last five minutes. We need to get more militant about this issue. The (sic) are the fucking scabs stealing what we have all worked for.”

Screenshot of the now-deleted post via Brisbane Times
In the early hours of Monday morning this week, a number of Brisbane Uber drivers were allegedly attacked by a group of men, with three separate incidents, in Fortitude Valley and Kangaroo Point.
One of the Uber drivers was treated or cuts and bruises, and in an interview with Fairfax, said he “strongly” suspected that off-duty cab drivers were behind the assault, based on anti-Uber comments they made.
When contacted by Fairfax media about the post on Taxi Driver Page, the man in question, who claimed to have slapped an Uber driver, hastily backtracked, insisting that he was actually just kidding around.
“I’ve never slapped an Uber driver in my life, we were mucking around,” he said. “It’s not true, I don’t break the law. I spoke to an Uber driver but I don’t want to elaborate, they are illegal.”
Cabcharge, the largest taxi operator in Australia, recently admitted that its share price has halved since Uber entered the Australian market, with CEO Andrew Skelton saying “we need to leapfrog Uber and get out in front.”