All The Face Mask Rules Staying (And Going) After Brisbane’s Lockdown Ends Tonight

brisbane lockdown

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has today announced that the 3-day lockdown for the Greater Brisbane area will end at 6pm on Monday night, in a huge win for Queenslanders.

The decision to end the lockdown comes after the state recorded no new locally acquired cases overnight.

In a press conference on Monday morning, Palaszczuk announced that the Greater Brisbane area will end their lockdown at 6pm tonight but *will* have a number of restrictions in place until January 22nd.

The new restrictions include a mask mandate for most indoor social situations.

You need to wear this mask in shopping centres, supermarkets, retail outlets and indoor markets. In hospitals and aged care facilities, in churches and places of worship, libraries, indoor recreational facilities, such as cinemas, art galleries, those sorts of types of places and gyms,” Palaszczuk said.

“Now in indoor workplaces where you can socially distance you don’t have to wear a mask but where you can’t socially distance we ask you to put a mask on. Now you must also wear a mask on public transport, in taxis and ride-shares. You do not have to wear a mask if you are in your own week or if you have your family in your own vehicle and at airports and travelling on planes.”

You don’t need to wear a mask when exercising outside if you’re able to socially distance, however, you *do* need to wear on at indoor gyms.

“Everyone will need to carry a mass income that Greater Brisbane region. So always have it on you at all times. So if you do feel compromised, if you feel that people aren’t socially distancing, put your mask on. When in doubt wear a mask,” Palaszczuk said. 

Additionally, the Premier announced a number of restrictions for businesses, such as 1 person per 4 square metres for indoor venues.

Residents in the Greater Brisbane area will be able to have 20 people in the home or in public places for social gatherings.

Additionally, weddings and funerals are capped at 100 people, while indoor concert venues, theatres and outdoor stadiums will run at a 50% capacity.

Restrictions on visiting hospitals, aged care, disability accommodation and prisons will remain.

Interestingly, the cricket *will* go ahead, with the Gabba running at 50% capacity, with masks mandatory when walking around, but not while sitting in your seat.

I’m quite sure people are wondering about the cricket, so fingers crossed, it looks like everything will be going ahead,” Palaszczuk said. 

All restrictions will remain in place until 1am Friday January 22, but are obviously subject to change as the situation changes.

For more information regarding contact tracing and up-to-date information on restrictions, you can visit the Queensland Health website here.