OI, BRISSY: Your Council Wants To Know How It Can Make The City Even Better

Brisbane City Council

Look, we all have a lot of thoughts/feelings/emotions on a bunch of things, but we’re rarely afforded the opportunity to share them with folks who are actually involved in the said thing we have thoughts/feelings/emotions about. Thankfully, however, there’s one party who’s game to hear your opinions – Brisbane City Council.

Yep, they’re wanting you to weigh-in on the direction Brissy’s going to take in the not-so-distant future. Would you like to see more parks crop up? See more cafes open? Have housing affordability be put on the radar as a focus?

To let Brisbane City Council know your vibe, we’ve made a lil’ quiz situation for you to use. But rather than it just being a boring ol’ generic feedback quiz, we’ve added a bit of P.TV spice into the mix. Once you’ve picked through the questions, you’ll be told what kind of ~Brisbanite~ you are – and honestly, who doesn’t have time for a cheeky online quiz, right?

Get around it below.

[ptv_quiz quiz_id=”689494″]

Cheers to you, random feedback-giving person of the internet.