Aus Model Bridget Malcolm Reveals School Teacher Lost Licence For ‘Serious Misconduct’ Towards Her

Bridget Malcolm
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Aussie model Bridget Malcolm has spoken candidly on TikTok about her high school music teacher’s “serious misconduct” towards her.

The former Victoria’s Secret model decided to share her story after it was revealed her former music teacher at Methodist Ladies’ College in Perth, Bobby Gallo, had lost his teacher’s licence in WA for three years.

Since the video was uploaded on Saturday, it’s reached more than half a million views.


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“Today it became public knowledge that my high school music teacher, a man by the name of Mr Gallo, Mr Bobby Gallo lost his teacher’s licence in Western Australia for three years,” Bridget Malcolm said in the TikTok.

“He lost it for ‘serious misconduct’ against a student whilst he was teaching them and I am that student.

“I’ve kind of gone back and forth on whether or not to waive my right to anonymity because I was a minor when all of it happened, but I’m not a minor anymore.

“I’m still in shock, I’m still kinda processing. I’ve definitely had a lot of feelings today.

“I’m going to keep this relatively short and speak more about it later.

“I just want to say to my fellow survivors out there — you’re not alone. You’re stronger than you possibly know, and the future is waiting for you.”

According to a court document obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald, Bridget Malcolm emailed the Teachers Registration Board of Western Australia in March 2021 detailing Gallo’s behaviour.

Gallo communicated with Malcolm via emails, texts and phone calls. He remained in contact with her even after she had graduated high school in 2008.

Per The Advertiser, the state administrative tribunal deemed Gallo had “failed to maintain professional boundaries and engaging in grooming-like behaviour”.

In one particular email, Gallo signed off with “love Mr Gallo — sorry I mean regards Mr Gallo”.

In another email he said: “I may be lucky enough to see you or even better DINNER. But I must not get my hopes up. Luuv (sic) always”.

Gallo has reportedly admitted his behaviour towards Bridget Malcolm was inappropriate but has denied it was grooming. PEDESTRIAN.TV is not aware of any criminal action being taken against Gallo in relation to the conduct.

MLC principal Dr Marie Perry told the SMH the school was made aware of Gallo’s actions in March 2021.

“The College continues to offer her [Bridget Malcolm] support. The College has made enquiries and is not aware of any other allegations in relation to Mr Gallo,” she said.

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