Poor Little Bobcat Mate Endures 80km Journey Wedged In The Grill Of A Car

A poor little bobcat mate went for the ride of his bloody life a few days ago in the US state of Virginia. If you’re wondering what exactly a bobcat is, it’s a North American cat that looks kinda like a small leopard with a touch of sweet scruffy beard action.

On Thanksgiving morning, a Gloucester woman unknowingly hit one of the pretty felines on her way to work, lodging it inside the grill of the car. The poor little dude endured a roughly 80km journey, probably scared as hell.

The woman only noticed the critter when she parked and got out of her car, calling for help to remove the poor thing. Richmond Animal Care and Control successfully freed the bobcat and took it to the Wildlife Centre of Virginia for treatment.

Incredibly, the cat escaped the ordeal with only a few scratches and the centre are planning to release it back into the wild. Look how stoked it is. Look.

Hell yeah, keep on catting on, little dude.