Bob Weinstein’s Ex-Assistant Says She Told Him About Harvey Decades Ago

Throughout the entirety of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal, Bob Weinstein has maintained that his awareness of his brother’s alleged crimes was essentially nil, and that he had merely assumed that Harvey was just serially unfaithful. In a statement after allegations of more serious misconduct came to light, Bob called his brother “sick and depraved.” 

It’s kind of a hard line to swallow considering how extensive the allegations are, and more and more people are starting to call that out. Bob has also been subject to a harassment claim of his own.

In a New York Times report today, Bob Weinstein’s ex-assistant Kathy DeClesis says that she told him about his brother’s sexual harassment 25 years ago. Apparently, she confronted Bob after Harvey’s harassment caused a woman to immediately leave the company.

As per the NYT’s report:

“Your brother is a pig,” Ms. DeClesis remembers telling Bob Weinstein around the same time. She said she quit shortly afterward.

Bob Weinstein, who owns about 20 percent of the Weinstein Company, declined requests for an interview. His lawyer, Bert Fields, said, “Bob has no recollection of that happening.”

The article reports that Bob expects to be the “key guy” in whatever form the Weinstein company takes once it recovers from the fallout. Allegations like this might make that relatively difficult.