Wildlife Warrior Bindi Irwin Just Got Engaged To Fellow Khaki-Wearer Chandler Powell

Get ready to hold back your tears everyone, because Bindi Irwin is officially engaged. On her birthday. And there was probably a crocodile involved. (I assume.)

Australia’s “first family”, the Irwins, have been a part of our lives for what seems like a lifetime. Steve and Terri entered our TV screens (and our hearts) back in ’96 and we’ve been obsessed ever since. So, obviously, we’re keeping tabs on Bindi because she’s basically a part of the family, right?

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Well guys, it’s been a very busy day in Bindi’s life. The wildlife warrior turned 21 AND got engaged today! What the hell did I achieve today? Not anything that exciting, that’s for sure!

Bindi and childhood sweetheart, Chandler Powell, have just announced their engagement after a whopping six years of dating. Considering Bindi JUST turned 21, six years is a pretty long time!

She took to Twitter to share the big news:

Bindi and Florida-born wakeboarder Chandler Powell have chronicled their romance on social media and on their reality show, ‘Crikey! It’s the Irwins’ for over half a decade now. When he’s not competing, you can find Chandler helping Bindi and the family keep Steve’s legacy alive at Queensland’s Australia Zoo.

The pair met way back in 2013 when Chandler’s family took a private tour of the zoo. Although Bindi and Chandler didn’t exchange numbers straight away, he later contacted her mum, Terri, and basically asked for permission to fall in love with her daughter. Now that deserves a big, fat AWW.

We’ve had multiple “Bindi engagement” false alarms in recent months, so its nice to see that the happy couple is done playing with our damn feelings and are finally ready to put a ring on it.

Now, if you’re in the mood for a total sob-fest, check out Steve Irwin’s heartfelt message to Bindi that seems incredibly fitting on her 21st birthday: