Better Call Saul Has A Real Life Billboard And Phone Number

Breaking Bad fans, start hyperventilating. The much vaunted spinoff Better Call Saul is well on its way to hitting your TV screens, and it seems that production is starting to ramp up in the show’s native Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This actual, real-life billboard has gone up in the city, apparently to be used as a prop for the show. The billboard clearly shows the series star Bob Odenkirk in what appears to be the younger, more respected, different named days of Saul Goodman, the conniving shifty lawyer Breaking Bad fans came to know and love so well.
In another cool little detail, and a nod to Albuquerque’s total adoration for all things Breaking Bad, the phone number is real and actually works. Callers are played a voicemail message for the fictional law offices, with it being confirmed that Bob Odenkirk did in fact provide the voice himself for it.

Better Call Saul is scheduled to hit small screens in 2015. Between now and then expect rabid ripping apart of every tiny little detail that comes our way via the Internet’s warm glowing warming glow.
Photo: Kevin Winter via Getty Images.