Better Beer Is Going Full Wonka & Stashing Bitcoin In Cases Of Beer If You Wanna Go Hunting

Have you been kicking yourself since 2007 for missing the bitcoin train? Not to rub salt in the would, but you might be, uhhh, rich as fuck right now if you’d thrown some measly bucks into the space back in the day.

But hey, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and you might still be able to get some skin in the game.

The bev kings over at Better Beer have partnered with Coinspot to give Aussies the chance to win one of three bitcoin. At the time of writing, one Bitcoin is worth $45,022.40, which totals to over $135,000 worth of it up for grabs.

Kicking off on July 1, two bitcoin will be stashed inside specially marked cases of Better Beer Zero Carb cans at Dan Murphy’s and BWS. They’ll have some cute blue ‘Find The Bitoin’ artwork slapped on top of the cases, so keep your eyes peeled. Now, to be clear, because it’s not a physical coin, it’s not like you’re going to hear a bunch of rattling in your cans. The lads wouldn’t let us in on the secret but apparently, if someone cracks open a winning tin, they’ll know. I’m both intrigued and scared.

For those who prefer a cold one down at the local watering hole, never fear, you’re in with a chance too. If you buy one of Better Beer’s signature froths from a participating venue, you’re in with a shot, baby. Along with your beer, you’ll get a nifty little unique scratch card. Once you scratch the panel away, it’ll reveal a code for you to upload with your information over here. And then bam, you’re in the draw for one bitcoin.

The winner will be randomly chosen in a lottery on Tuesday, August 1, so it’s time to rally the troops for the pub. Day for it, am I right?!

Cop a load of all the T&Cs over here and suss out participating bottle shops here, but otherwise, godspeed and good luck!

This competition is for folks based in NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS & WA.

Image: Futurama