How bloody good is getting a cold one after a hard day’s work, or that satisfying crunch of a fresh, crisp tin of lager being opened on a balmy evening? Just knocking the froth off a pint of golden nectar, fermented by the gods. Too fkn good, mates. Too fkn good.

How much better is knowing that your beer monies are going to something worthwhile, like the issue that Australia is deeply behind the eight-ball on – marriage equality

I mean just hook me right up there. That’s a genius idea, combining my two loves – equality and galaxy hops.

The team over at Rainbow Beer are doing just that, actually. They’ve been producing their beer and tapping it at The End Bar in Brisbane since 2011, but now they wanna take their tasty bevvies nationwide. 

They’ve launched a Pozible with a ‘yuge goal of $100k, and once they hit that target, 50% of profits will go to Australian Marriage Equality. Sounds like a pretty crisp deal.

Punters can throw their money into the ring for a range of things, ranging from a very lovely little stubby holder, right up to a full bar pack including several kegs and merch.

It’s 2017. We’ve done enough shouting about marriage equality, now it’s time to put our money where our mouths are (and then beer where our mouths are, too.)

Photo: Rainbow Beer / Pozible.

There’s A Campaign To Get This SSM-Supportin’ Rainbow Beer On Tap Aus-Wide