Environmental Activists Arrested At Anti-Adani Protest In Brisbane

Police have arrested three people, including activist Ben Pennings following an anti-Adani protest at an industrial site in Brisbane today.

The protesters sat outside Meales Concrete Pumping at about 7.30am today to protest the company’s plans to work with Adani.

Mr Pennings and the other two protesters were arrested for obstructing a road near Abbott Point earlier this morning.

He shared a photo of the protest on Twitter after his release from police custody earlier today:

But arrests won’t dampen the spirits of the Stop Adani activists, with a number of them chanting “we will, we will, stop you, Adani,” to the beat of We Will Rock You.

Adani’s Carmichael Mine received the final environmental approval last month after nearly a decade of political and environmental debate.

The Stop Adani movement has grown significantly in recent months, with Mr Pennings being an active participant in the protests. However, after a lack of government intervention, peaceful direct action is all the activists believe they have left.

Mr Pennings’ arrest comes just one month after his statement that there will be “thousands more arrests” as the Carmichael mine goes ahead in the coming months.

In addition to the protesters, police also arrested a French film crew who claim they were not involved in the protest itself.

According to Reuters, the film crew are in Australia filming an environmental documentary on the Great Barrier Reef.

Mr Pennings and his fellow protesters are due in Bowen Magistrates Court on September 3.